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Better NPOs Make A Better World

There are more than 3,000 non-profit organizations (NPOS) located in Fresno County, many of which are
doing amazing work in the community. However, every one of these organizations would probably say, “We could always do better.”

The goal of BetterNPO.org is to develop a network of local organizations which is focused on providing—organizational, administrative, communications, and development/fundraising—in order to promote better outcomes in the community.

BetterNPO.org is the initial step in developing this network and currently consists of three components:

  1. A searchable directory of local NPO Network Participants including basic organization information, contacts, and website links. These listings will provide a valuable resource for the public in general, as well as for local NPO leaders and staff.
  2. A NPO community calendar listing events, classes/training, seminars, meetings, funding announcements, and other important scheduled dates, which will improve communications with the public, potential customers/clients, and among local NPOS and their staff people.
  3. A NPO discussion forum which will allow organizations and their workers to exchange information, ask/answer questions, and to build lasting relationships.

 Is a Fresno Neighborhood Network project